A letter of grind

Contributor: Amin Hosseinioun
- -

You were shutting the door behind you when I told you to stop. I told you I still loved you. Told you how your departure crushes me; but you went anyway and that's ok. It is your life and I couldn’t make you stay. I am just telling you in this letter one thing. Don’t ever come back, because if you do so, I will throw you into my grinder.

Your appearance in my life made me so happy. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. But I didn't force you to come, you came all by yourself and now you left me for someone else. I am sure you are making him happy too. I am sure you have turned his life over too. You know why? He is a friend of mine. It is all good, but I know something. If you ever come to my way, if I ever see you, I will grind you both; you and your lousy partner. Or maybe I just Kebab you both and start a charity dinner for all town.

Don’t be surprised. I am still the same guy kind and gentle. I still look at your photos while tears are in my eyes. You know, I still have your picture on the bookshelf. I cherish all those good memories. I even bought this house just for you to relax. You know, I am a true liberal and I care for you, so please: don’t come back.

My grinder is really big, almost as big as a closet or a fridge. I've read through its manual as well. It says undress your person in use and put him/her down onto the grinder. Yes you'll go in by your legs. It has a very nature friendly design too. It doesn’t use electricity. It has pedals. So as I hold your naked body over the grinder I can set the speed with those pedals. I promise you I will grind you so slowly that it feels like a lifetime.

Let me ask you something. Has a piece of your body ever been cut off? Have you ever been bitten by a wolf or shark? Of course not, you are too spoiled for that kind of action. Isn’t it great that your last life experience would be the most exciting one? I think you'll fall in love with my grinder. You always said you enjoyed violence. Is my friend more violent? Is that why you left me for him? Or maybe you just left me because you wanted to be grinded? Well, now that we both want the same thing, and if you ever come back you'll prove that I am right. I have no other ways but grinding you slowly by your legs. And proudly watch those pretty legs, belly, and breasts cutting into pieces, oh what a scene!

- - -
I am a published writer in Farsi, in Iran, I have published two gothic novellas and many essays on literature and other narrative forms.
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