The Taylor Triplets

Contributor: Mike Putnam

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The Taylor Triplets. The unvanquished juniors at our public ivy. Blonde, from one of the richer suburbs outside of Columbus with an Irish city's name. We had an entry for them, but it was a blank page once clicked. A member of ours had been on the case of the dyed-brown-one since fall of their sophomore year to no avail. Glasses-clad had a boyfriend going to OSU from another one of the 270 loop suburbs, or so we had heard. Intel was understandably weak due to the majority of the female student body knowing about our database. Someone once tried to tag all three of them under the TBSD (Taken But Still Down) category but it was removed from their page the next day after more than a thousand down-votes and hundreds of heated comments. Many of those comments about how, regardless of the validity of the statement, you couldn't tag three people to a lifestyle choice one of them allegedly practiced. That was just laziness, which few stood for in our community. So the hunt continued, for merely a scrap of credible information on any of them. Was one into DP? Or another into group scenarios? What about being filmed? Were they adventurous with their lovemaking? Did they have a strong stand on the whereabouts of the orgasms' final location? What semesters (and/or seasons) were they most active? There were currently two hundred and fifty-six possible tags that could be attached to a girl (or girls), giving perspective suitors an idea of what they could potentially try. No one had even posted drink advice or music interests for any of them. They were brick walls even at their drunkest and none left without all being accounted for. Much sleep and even more money had been lost trying to crack the code of the Triplets. Unfortunately, the entry between Rebecca Tanner and Jessica Turner was a total joke to all looking for advice.

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Mike Putnam is a writer currently living in Ohio. He considers himself a curious spirit.
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