New Earth

Contributor: Tyler Fleck

- -
I woke up on the asphalt. Through groggy eyes I noticed the small neon droplets falling and bursting as they hit my body. I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the liquid sky that stretched out above me, it was like an infinite explosion of lava lamps looming above, raining down on the planet in an ugly way.

The earth had been sucked into a great glory hole in the sky, the streets ran rampant with cross dressing fortune tellers and drag queen virgins of the night. The prostitutes and proud practitioners of paralyzed lives sharing the corners with yesterdays youth, panhandling nostalgia to fill a pez dispenser prescription.

This was the new earth.

I struggled back onto my stomach, with tear ducts flooding from the luminescent smog polluting my pores. I pulled a piece of black tarp over my body to shelter me from the lava lamp rain. I remembered a satellite had fallen from orbit some time earlier, had came crashing down to meet the earth not far from where my apartment building had been, I didn't remember when. . . days ago probably. I didn't care. I was nodding off, and for the first time in years, looking forward to dreaming.

- - -
A previously unpublished writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. I enjoy bringing to life different worlds through my words.
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