Red-Neck Gas Station

Contributor: Leonard Treman

- -
They traveled through the woods and headed to the next town in Mississippi. The two had been friends since childhood. Jordan was black, Michel was white and together they had raised money to see the MBA finals and meet their all-time favorite player. An amount that had taken them nearly a year to raise. An interview with Michael Jordan was not cheap.

"Man, don't stop here," Jordan said.

"Why, it's just a gas station," Michel replied.

"It's a red-neck gas station," Jordan voiced with a bit of concern.

"What's wrong with red necks?" asked Michel innocently.

"They don't like my people," Jordan said dryly.

"Says who?" Michel asked slightly offended.

For a moment they were both silent then out of nowhere Jordan said, "Don't you remember when we drove through Detroit. You didn't want to stop at the gas station and I thought it was silly," Jordan said.

"Yes, you waited to for a whole hour to take that shit," Michel said.

"Well it's payback time brother," Jordan said.

"Well said sir," Michel responded and they drove on past the red-neck gas station.

- - -
Leonard Treman is a 23 year old author who has been published four times so far in his short career. Once with the platinum page and three times with anthologies with phillisscott publishing.
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