Letters From My Father

Contributor: Khadijah Holgate

- -
“Have you spoken to your father lately Teresa?” Miranda asked her daughter.
“Nope, and I don’t plan on it.” She replied.
“Well, he keeps writing you these letters.” She looked down at the bundle of letters resting on the kitchen counter. “I think you should read at least one of them.” Miranda said with worry.
“Why should I? We haven’t spoken in years and now all of a sudden he wants to write me letters? Who writes letters anymore?”
“Give him a chance Teresa, he’s trying to reconnect with you.”
“Why are you defending him? He broke both of our hearts and I’m just supposed to move on from that?” Teresa questioned with anger. “If you are ready to forgive him, that’s fine but I’m not.”
“He really misses you.”
“Are we done with this conversation?”
“Look, when you forgive someone you aren’t doing it for them, you are doing it for yourself. Think about it.” Miranda explained.
“I have to go, I’m running late.” Teresa said as she grabbed her keys and purse off the counter.
“Okay, can we continue this later?”
“I don’t know but I really have to go.”
“Okay, just keep in mind what I said, only forgive for yourself and when you are ready to do that, you will feel so much better about everything.”
Miranda walked into the living room as Teresa flew for the front door. She stopped just as she wrapped her hand around the golden round knob. A single tear descended from her dark green eyes as she took a deep breath. Teresa turned around and walked back to the kitchen, she stared down at the pile of letters then grabbed one. She opened it and started reading as she left her house.

- - -
Khadijah Holgate is a Creative Writing major studying at Full Sail University in Florida. I'm originally from Boston, MA. I enjoy screenwriting but tried my hand in flash fiction writing and recently discovered a new love for it.
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