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Contributor: Dustin Pinney

- -
All of it was in his head. Everything he’d ever seen, read, smelled, touched, tasted, heard, learned, remembered, forgotten, created, ignored, obsessed over, loved, loathed was there. All stuck in his head. Expanding, rubbing against the inside of his skull, it wanted out.

He tried to tell everyone. Speaking was useless. Writing any of it down didn’t work. Any kind of art failed miserably. His entire life was stuffed into his head and he couldn’t share it.

A migraine started thumping along his nervous system. The tiniest motion sent the world around him into a cyclone. That agony intensified to such a point that he was sure death was imminent.

The day came when finally his life wore through the bone, punctured his scalp and oozed through to the real world. As it flowed, the opening spread. Light, shadows, magic, chaos, love, hate, spilled out. He started screaming.

An essence of self at last emerged as a brilliant glow. It swelled to a solid blinding beam.

When his life had finally bled out of him, he sat empty in the quit, his scream frozen in place.

The only words spoken by the ones who found him were, “What a waste.”

- - -
Dustin Pinney is back living and writing in a town just outside the city where he grew up. His other stories have been featured in the anthologies "31 More Nights of Halloween," "New Dawn Fades", and "Nickel City Nights" as well as a number of online venues. He also writes an awful lot about Doctor Who for
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