Hill Country Hike

Contributor: Misti Rainwater-Lites

- -
The deer was definitely dead and the car was definitely fucked up but I was alive, somehow, so I walked through the warm breath of the Texas hill country night not thinking of anything, just looking up at the stars and smiling like an idiot, thankful for the random adventure. I didn't have a phone anymore but I also didn't have a boyfriend, hadn't had one in months, so I was free. No one knew where I was or wasn't. No one gave a fuck. I was glad. I walked alongside the two-lane highway. I was maybe five miles from home. I've never been good with numbers. There wasn't any neon or greasy fast food smells assaulting me. I knew there were animals behind the trees. More deer, for example. Maybe the deer were plotting revenge against me for killing one of their own. If I had died instead of the deer it would be less of a tragedy. Sure, if there was a funeral my parents and siblings would show up. Obligations. Most people have at least a few. I wasn't scared of the deer, though. "Bring it on, motherfuckers," I said in case they were listening. I fingered the tiny pink can of pepper spray on my key ring. I was always prepared.

- - -
Misti Rainwater-Lites likes to collaborate with her son on Spider-Man stories. She also enjoys playing with dolls. Her novel Bullshit Rodeo is available at amazon and from Tree Killer Ink.
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