UFOs Over St. Cloud

Contributor: Tony Rauch

- -
I tell ya, they buzzed back and forth - high and low, wooshing in angles, cutting tight curves, zipping across the pale blue sky - bright silver disks, big and small - piercing puffy white clouds, thrusting overhead, zooming around and around, whipping in great wide arcs above the tree line - zipping up into the atmosphere, down over the yard, sailing back out to beyond, and then looping back again just like that - with shiny blueish silver glinting off the sun, streaking bright lines and flashes in the morning sky.

I gazed in awe, kneeling on the living room floor, my hands on the picture window. “Ah, Dad,” I finally collected myself to stammer, “Ya gotta see this stuff. . . Take a look. . . You’ll never believe what’s goin’ on out here. . .”

“Yeah, . .” my dad swallowed lazily. He was lying on the couch, reading the Saturday morning paper. “. . They been doin’ that all morning,” he rolled over, folding his arm over his face to hide his eyes from the crisp morning light. “I’m sure they’re just showin’ off. . . Just goofin’ on us,” he yawned. “Wake me if any of ‘em have the guts to actually land, or if one of ‘em knocks on the door or something.”

- - -
Tony Rauch has three books of short stories published – “I’m right here” (spout press), “Laredo” (Eraserhead Press), “Eyeballs growing all over me . . . again” (Eraserhead Press). He has additional titles forthcoming in the next few months.
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