My Friend

Contributor: Reese Scott

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There was an execution scheduled for today. The day when an execution took place was a joy for everyone. Not just for the execution. But for what it did for the day. Work was closed, food was free, alcohol was allowed to be drunk, everything was open. Laws no longer existed.

There was talk about why these executions took place. Some believed it was to make the people to forget their lives. Others believed it went deeper. That it was used to keep people from seeing the slow change from watching TV to being the TV.

But like Bruno said, “You feed a dog. The dog eats. What else is there to know?”

Bruno was executed last week. It wasn’t a good turn out. I still had a good time. I drank twice as much. Which is allowed if you are friends with the executed.

I walked around town to see where everyone was. Hoping to find someone to drag back so Bruno wouldn’t have to face the embarrassment of being executed alone.

I found his little sister throwing rocks at her dog.

“How you doing Suzy?”

“What it look like to you Brian?”

“Looks like you don’t like your dog.”

“No. He likes it.”

The dog did not look like it was having a good time. I thought of what Bruno said. About feeding the dog. I don’t know why. But something made me angry.

“What are you doing Brian?”

I threw rock after rock at Suzy. Until she was unconscious and I could drag her to her brother’s execution. Bruno wasn’t high maintenance. It didn’t make a difference if she was unconscious. “The effort. The effort man. That’s the secret,” Bruno said

I never paid any attention to what Bruno said. Until today.

- - -
Reese Scott was born in New York. He is currently living in California.
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