Mysterious Mr. D

Contributor: Tahni J. Nikitins

- -
Mysterious Mr. D is not a tall man - no. He is, perhaps, five-seven - five-eight. He is not a man heavily built - quite the contrary. He is lanky - quite wiry. He is not attractive as you might expect him to be, with shaved head, pale eyebrows and lashes, dense freckles, and ruddy skin. Perhaps, if you were to wager a guess, you might say he was of Irish or Scottish descent. Then again, maybe not.

He may not be tall or powerful in build - he may not be handsome as your daydream, but his eyes are the color of warm amber. And he knows much about you, it seems, while you know nothing about him save for his interest in astrology - and that he recognized the pendant on your neck.

There is his laugh, as well. His laugh is abrupt. It shocks you some, leaves you reeling. It takes you a moment to catch up; a second to be let in on the joke. And when he laughs, the corners of his eyes crinkle. Perhaps you didn't notice the fine lines there before, but you do when he laughs - just as you didn't notice the lines at the corners of his mouth until the smile broke.

Oh, Mysterious Mr. D...if you're lucky, perhaps you'll see him again. You chose your clothes carefully - just in case. And then you laugh uneasily because you feel silly, but also because you know you recognize him from somewhere but you just can't recall...

Well, it's only know him not at all.

- - -
Tahni has been writing since she could hold a pen, filling journal after journal with stories which, more often than not, made little to no sense. Since then, however, some of her writings have been featured at Eternal Haunted Summer ( and in Anya Kless's devotional anthology Lilith: Queen of the Desert.
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