Contributor: Robert Bates

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I've waited my whole life for this. It's the state championship game and we are down by one point. I dribble past the midcourt line while the crowd is counting down the seconds.

“Five! Four!"

Sweat drips in my eye but I can still see Devon open and waving for the pass. He's supposed to take the last shot, but he doesn’t understand. This is my moment. I can already see that championship ring on my finger.

"Three! Two!"

This is it. I jab step and drive, successfully getting around the defender. With a victorious smirk on my face, I jump in the air, raise my elbow, and release at the top of my jump just like coach taught me. The ball begins its perfect arc towards the rim and I can feel the whole gym watching me in my moment of glory.

I miss.

- - -
Robert Bates is currently studying General Business at Louisiana College. He enjoys, reading, writing, chocolate ice cream and Christopher Nolan movies. He has no idea what he is going to do once he graduates college, but he hopes it will be interesting.
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