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Contributor: Tyson Hinz

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Cyrus began his ascent up The Great Tree. This tree was all he had known. Life beyond the tree was unimaginable. As he scaled the tree he thought of falling. How amazing it would be to free-fall thousands of feet to whatever it is that is below the clouds. This was something that his kind thought of quite often, and quite often did they take that leap. Cyrus thought of the joy they must have felt while falling. But was it worth it? They would die at the end but the fact of that last adrenaline rush being worth taking your own life astonished Cyrus. He could not understand how someone could take his own life no matter how hard it was to live it.
Cyrus, during his long life, thought that everyone on the tree should think in the same manner that he did. He could not understand how and why they did not think in his way. They were the same species they should all think the same, and Cyrus’s way of thinking was the best way.
“Kit, Al, you are smart boys. Always pay attention to your surroundings and love The Great Tree,” Cyrus preached to his two apprentices.
Cyrus arrived at his favorite branch; it reached further out than most. He could see a long drop down to the clouds, which were always below him. Cyrus had wondered what was below those clouds and he was going to find out. Cyrus ran from the half waypoint of the branch away from The Great Tree, his mind was full of thoughts and happiness that his questions were finally going to be answered, he was almost to the end of the branch when he slipped on a knot. His head struck the branch and he rolled down and fell through the clouds.
The people of the village celebrated his life. Most in mourning for the dead philosopher. The people knew Cyrus’s obsession with the free fall. Cyrus often made speeches about it to the people. He let them know all of his thoughts on the subject and why he thought people might of done it. He also told them why he might do it one day.
They knew how bold Cyrus was. They knew he took everything he did into deep consideration. So the mourning passed much easier for most of them knowing he left their lives in peace and happiness. The people easily got over his death because of that but never forgot about him.
“I know that Cyrus wouldn’t have chosen to die any other way,” whispered Kit to Al. They are both young and impressionable.
“We should go to the Cyrus Branch to pay our respects,” said Al.
So they went to the branch and sat in the middle of it. They dangled their feet off, pondering what it must have been like to leap off of The Great Tree, especially for Cyrus.
“All he ever spoke of was jumping off,” said Kit.
“Well I need to know what its like. I do not see a point in living here without Cyrus, there is nobody else here like him; there’s nobody that can teach me anymore than he did. If he didn’t die then he must be down there. If he did then I wouldn’t want anything more than to join him in the afterlife,” Al said.
“Oh come on, you know Cyrus would want you to experience all aspects of life before jumping,” Kit pleaded.
“I do not care,” said Al as he leaped off the branch.

- - -
It doesn’t take much to inspire me. Just a glimpse of a leaf falling the right way could set me off on a 500-page novel – overhearing a conversation of simple small talk could spark an idea of a feature length script.
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