Contributor: Aaron Michael Parker

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As they enter the room, Mark barks out a laugh. There are two small beds instead of one big one, the carpet is ugly and looks like something that would be used in a porno. Heather gives Mark a dirty look.
“This is supposed to be a romantic getaway. Why are you laughing at this?” Heather asks.
“I’m sorry honey, it’s just I think I’ve seen this carpet before.”
Heather turns away from Mark and puts her suitcase in the corner. She walks from one end of the room to the other in just two strides. She huffs and then turns back to Mark.
“Well, you can forget about any acting out. I’ve seen this carpet, too.”
Heather pulls out the one chair from the desk/table in the room and turns it so she doesn’t have to see the stupid grin on Mark’ face. Mark shrugs and puts his suitcase beside hers. He looks up and sees the patio.
“Hey, look at that.”
Mark walks to the door and pulls it open. He steps out onto the patio and walks around.
“It’s not much bigger than the room, but it’s nice out here. There’s a table and everything.”
Mark walks back inside and grabs Heather by the hand. He pulls her to her feet and walks backward, leading her out the door.
“It’ not perfect, but it’ll do until they get the room mix-up fixed.”
Heather turns and puts her back up against him. She looks up at the sky and smiles, not the goofy grin he has, but the smile of a person who could be happy.
“Fine, we can sit out here and talk, but no funny business until we get into the bigger room.”
Mark steps out from behind her and pulls out her chair. He gestures, gallantly, for her to sit down.
“Deal.” He says as he sits in the chair facing her.
They talk for about an hour before Heater gets up to use the bathroom. While she is inside Mark dashes over to the phone.
“Room service.” Answers a bored woman after the second ring.
“I’d like a bottle of wine sent up to my room, please.”
“Yes sir. Would you like to charge that to your credit card on file?”
“Yes, and could you have it delivered in about fifteen minutes?”
“Yes sir. Fifteen minutes.” The woman replies.
Mark hangs up and turns to walk back out to the patio just as Heather is coming out of the bathroom. He gives her another goofy grin.
“Who was that?” She asks.
“Just checking on the room.”
“Well?” Heather puts her hand on her hip.
“Uh, no change.”
The two go back out to the patio and sit down.
“So,” Mark says, “how’s school going this year? Any weird kids?”
“Not as weird as you.” Heather laughs. She scrunches up her face for a moment, before adding, “There is this one kid.”
Mark, still sitting, puts his hands on his hip and says in a female voice, “Well?”
Heather laughs again and playfully slaps his knee. “He’s almost sixteen and this kid still eats paste.”
“Does he have a medical condition?” Mark asks.
“No, in fact he’s the most intelligent kid I’ve ever met. He’s just weird.” Heather scrunches up her face again. “But the other kids don’t pick on him. I guess that makes all of them weird.”
“He probably does their homework.”
The conversation changes to what Mark did at work and when his next promotion might be.
“I should be a vice president soon.”
There is a knock at the door. Mark asks Heather to get it and walks to his suitcase. He grabs his hygiene kit and ducks into the bathroom. Heather answers the door and is surprised by the wine.
“Mark, did you order some wine?”
Heather turns to see Mark down on one knee. He has a ring box in his hand and a bigger, goofier grin on his face.
“Heather, you have made me the happiest man in the world for the last ten years. Will you marry me again?”
Heather bursts out crying and tosses the wine on the closest bed. She hugs Mark as he stands up.

- - -
Aaron Michael Parker is a thirteen year US Army veteran. He is currently a student at Full Sail University. He is also a writer and assistant editor for Rocketblast comics.
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