What a Wonderful World

Contributor: Leonard Treman

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I was the world's greatest financial mind. I had 300,000,000,000 dollars in the bank. I had created “Immortality,” the first stem cell pharmaceutical company to take ten years off. I finally was married to a woman named Jane Berber at the age of 33. The only problem was 12 hours after the marriage she'd filed for divorce.

We were married and no sooner had the wedding night passed then did she disappear and send her lawyers. It became clear quickly, the love of my life wanted half of my fortune to spend with the love of her life.

I sat in the chair and stared at the wall. How could I be duped? I, the richest and therefore presumably the most powerful man in the world.

It then hit me. What about the globalization project? That bitch was going to take 150,000,000 ,000 dollars from the poorest nations in the world. I could not let that happen.

I began to question how I would stop her when the phone rang.

“Hey this is the foundation for the global prosperity, could we interest you in donating to help a good cause today?”

I smiled.

“Actually, yes. You might have just solved a problem for me,” I replied.

“Oh, I'm glad to hear that sir. Is there anyway you could find it in your heart to donate just $20 dollars to us today?” the telefund caller asked.

I replied, “You'll need to get your supervisor, I intend to make a much larger donation.”

“Oh, well I am permitted to handle all calls up to a thousand dollars,” the telefund caller responded.

“Well I'm thinking about donating much more then that,” I replied.

“Right,” the man said with a tinge of disbelief in his voice.

A moment later his supervisor was on the line, “Hello, this is Anna Bent. I understand that you are wishing to donate more then a thousand dollars?”

“Anna, I'll bet you I'm about to make the largest donation you've ever had,” I said smirking.

She replied, “Oh,you might be surprised.”

“I'd like to donate 300 billion dollars, and-” I began.

“Very funny sir,” she interrupted.

“I'm serious, let me give you my debit card number,” I said.

“Ok, Mr. Billionaire, what's your account number?” she asked.

I told her the debit card number and a moment later I got a phone call by an automated voice on my cellphone. The woman at the donation center was still on the house phone.

The robotic voice said, “Our records indicate you are making a donation of three, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero dollars today. Is this correct?”

“Yes,” I replied.

The voice responded, “Thank you, and have a good day.”

I put my ear up to the house phone and the woman was silent at the moment. All of a sudden there was a loud, “Oh my god. I must be dreaming?” on the other side of the line.

She picked up the phone, “You are a saint, who the heck can give away 300 billion dollars? Whoever you are you are my new hero,” Anna said, she was crying with joy. Her tone betrayed her to be sobbing with happiness.

“You can mark the donation as anonymous,” I said. I knew full well that the world would know who made the donation. The IRS would likely be the first to know. My wife's lawyers would probably be the next. After them, my wife would know. After she did the news would find out. Then the world would find out.

“Thank you for your donation sir,” Anna said. She had a bit more composure.

“Thank you for sitting in a call center and helping the world every day, each of us does our part. I did mine and you did yours,” I replied and hung up.

I knew full well that I'd make the full amount back in a few years, as eternal youth isn't a product anyone wants to live without. My ex-wife however, would be hit by a media storm as soon as the questions came in about why I chose now to donate. A billionaire's wife of 12 hours wouldn't likely be able to fend off some of the more ruthless questioning she'd receive. If she's lucky, she might get some media coverage and end up as a porn star. She might make a million or two out of it, but, at least then she'd contribute something to the world.

- - -
Leonard Treman is a run of the mill 24 year old author with a website at http://authorleonardtreman.webs.com/ that contains where you can find some of his other published work.
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