The Porch Swing

Contributor: Eric White

- -
“It was a beautiful service. I think it would have made him smile,” Ryan said to his mother.
“Yes…it was. He would have been shocked that so many people showed up. It would have definitely brought a tear to his eye,” his mother replied.
“You think so?” asked Ryan, “I don’t think I ever saw dad cry. He always told us he loved us and always showed it, but he was so strong. He was always in such control. I don’t think things got to him the way they did to us.”
“Come sit by me honey, I want to tell you something,” said his mother. “Now, how many times have you seen me and your father sitting where we’re sitting now?”
“I don’t know. Hundreds maybe…maybe more…you guys spent our whole childhood on this porch swing.”
“That’s right, all them times you kids played in the yard, we’d sit here and watch you. We saw every laugh, scraped knee, personal victory, and hurt feeling. So many moments of your childhoods took place in that yard right there.”
“I know, mom,” replied Ryan, “He loved this porch, and he loved watching us grow up from it.”
“Me and your father used to sit out here at almost every night and look at the stars, and I know you remember the rain storms. He loved them. We always sat out on this porch swing when it rained like this. He loved the way the rain made the grass and trees look, and we both loved the strong cool winds.”
“Yea, I remember, I didn’t know you two came out here that often though,” replied Ryan.
“Well baby, we did, and your father cried on a few of those starry nights. He cried when you got cut from the baseball team. He cried when your little brother had that surgery, and he cried when your sister’s first boyfriend broke up with her. He cried after every one of y’alls graduations too. Honey, him and I both cried several times out here.”
“I didn’t know…” Ryan said.
“And he never wanted you to,” replied his mother. “That’s why we always waited till you kids were sound asleep. Then the two of us came out here and talked about our hopes and dreams for you kids, and we talked about our worries and fears.“
“There were times when you kids were hurting, and you all went through some personal battles. You kids also made us so proud too. That’s when your father cried. He cried when he couldn’t do anything for you, because it hurt him to see y’all hurt. He cried when he was proud, because he loved seeing you kids happy. He loved y’all so much, but he always wanted to be strong for you. He just never wanted you kids to see that side.”
“I…I never knew that. I always knew he cared, but I never knew that you two were out here crying over us. I wish you guys had told us...”
“Now don’t go thinking we were out here flooding the Mississippi every night,” his mother chuckled. “We had some nights where you kids had us madder than we have ever been in our lives, but we always cared. We always had this porch.”
“Well, I know I shed some tears today myself.” Ryan said.
“I know, baby, but your father would be happy right now. He’s at finally at peace, and you kids turned out so wonderful. He’s smiling right now, Ryan.”
“Are you sure?” asked Ryan.
“Even through the rough times, we always smiled when it rained. It was our favorite, and it made him so happy. You see that rain out there?” asked his mother.
“Yes ma’am.” Ryan answered.
“That’s how I know your father is up there smiling at us now. He might have a tear in his eye, but trust me, Ryan. He’s up there smiling. Now just sit out here with me, and lets smile back at him.”

- - -
I'm a current student at Full Sail University. I have been writing all my life, and I am hoping to write for television and animation. However, I enjoy writing in any form.
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