Story of Job

Contributor: Blake Hulsey

- -
Lucifer stepped into Yahweh's court escorted by an angel. As he reached the throne room, Lucifer eyed his associate. "I have a proposal for you, Yahweh."
Yahweh shifted on his throne. "Go on, Lucifer. What possible proposal do you have to give me?"
Lucifer gave a ghoulish smile. "Been checking out your follower, Job. Pretty cool guy. He sticks close to your commandments and never falters in prayer."
Yahweh bowed his head. "He is the best servant I have in my name. Why do you keep such watch on him?"
"You ever wonder if he only worships you because he has it so good? You have him spoiled, dear Father. You really think he would worship you if tragedy had befallen him?"
Yahweh pondered for a moment. "I suppose he would. I don't think he would turn from my grace."
"Wanna make a bet?"
"What are your terms, Lucifer?"
"I torture him. You let me. We test your vessel, see how strong his love for you really runs. If he renounces you, I get him for my army. If he praises you even in tragedy, then you can keep him and I will never make a deal such as this again." Lucifer spoke these words but the truth in him was that he wanted to see how much torture his dear king would allow on his servants. Contrary to belief, Lucifer thought Yahweh had lost his path long ago, even before the fall. This was a test for him. Lucifer wanted to see just how far Yahweh had fallen from grace.
Yahweh put a hand on his chin. "You're on, Lucifer. I win, you leave and never try this again. You win, you keep Job. You'll be one step closer to thinking you have a chance against me." Yahweh gave a condescending smile.
Lucifer smiled back. "Deal." Lucifer headed down to earth and sent a group of raiders to burn his crops and slaughter his cattle. Lucifer reappeared before Yahweh.
"You really think he will just forget this happened? You think he will continue to praise your name? He's just a fickle human, only around because things are going good for him." As he said this, he heard praises from earth, Job and his family singing in Yahweh's name. Lucifer hid a frown through a sarcastic smile.

Yahweh smiled at Lucifer. "My creation wins this round Lucifer. What say you?"
Lucifer's mouth twitched. "He only worships you for his and his family's spared life. Allow me to hurt the family and he will curse you."
Yahweh's heart broke. How could he allow this to continue? Lucifer was simply getting enjoyment from torture. This could not continue.
"Lucifer, we can't-"
"Or are you afraid of the proof that I will bring? You're scared that I am correct?"
Yahweh laughed to himself. "Fine, do what you want to Job's family, but don't hurt him." Yahweh turned to hide a tear in his eye.
Lucifer vanished.
Yahweh placed his head in his hands. "What have I done?"
Lucifer returned a while later, his garments covered in blood. "So I took care of his family. They are no longer with him. Passed 'em by on the way in, though."
Yahweh stared in shock. "And yet my vessel remains vigilant. He has torn his clothes and screamed in torment, and yet he still praises me for my works." Yahweh's chest tightened as the screams arose.
"Oh, and I left a little present just for that." Lucifer snapped his fingers. Boils formed along Job's body, head to toe. He screamed in agony as the pain engulfed him. Yahweh turned his head and closed his eyes.
"Hey, at least I didn't kill him." Yahweh's stomach churned as Lucifer tortured his beloved servant.
Job got on his knees and screamed to the heavens a song of praise for Yahweh. Yahweh smiled at Lucifer to hide the heavy pain he felt for his servant. "It seems you have lost, Lucifer. I win. Return to hell. When you have gathered your army, then you can challenge me.
Lucifer bowed before him. "As you command, my lord." Lucifer stepped out of the court and through his portal.
When Lucifer had disappeared from sight, Yahweh stood from his throne and walked out to the garden of Eden. He ran a hand along the large Tree of Knowledge, and as he did, he dropped to his knees and cried.

- - -
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