Contributor: Nick Marcantel

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The submarine was making its last run in the depths of the Baltic Sea after a long day of finding nothing of any interest. The crew had become restless and longed to return home after their disappointing voyage. Peter Lindberg, the submarine’s captain, gave into his crew’s wishes and decided to return.
“It’s okay, boss. We’ll just come back next week,” a jolly man by the name of Stephen Richards said as he patted Lindberg on the back.
“Yeah, of course,” Lindberg replied as he swallowed back his discontent. He wanted to find something in the Baltic Sea that he could be proud of, but after weeks of searching nothing even remotely impressive turned up on their sonars.
“Lindberg, do yah’ want some Vienna sausages,” another crewmate piped up struggling to speak as he had his mouth full of the sausages. Lindberg knew immediately that his crew was trying to make him feel better. He admired their efforts, but the only thing that would satisfy him was the treasure that lay at the bottom of the sea.
“No thanks, Johnson. I have to save my appetite for my wife’s dinner waiting for me when I get home,” Lindberg replied.
“Suit yourself. More for us then!” Richards said.
Lindberg chuckled at the response as he maneuvered the ship through the gentle ebb of the Baltic Sea. They were now halfway home when something stirred inside Lindberg’s gut. Something inside of him told him that he needed to try the sonar one last time.
“Richards, get up here!” Lindberg shouted moving away from the steering mechanism of the ship as he moved over to a large table set up with a whole bunch of knobs, buttons, panels, and equipment.
“What’s up? Is there something wrong?” Richards asked weary of the situation.
“Nothing’s wrong don’t worry. I want to check the sonar one last time,” Lindberg said as he powered the mechanism on.
“What’s the point, boss? We’re just on a dry streak; we’ll try again next week.”
“You may be right, but it can’t hurt to try.”
“Alright, whatever you say,” Richards said as he helped Lindberg power on the sonar. By turning a few knobs, pressing a few buttons, and running a few diagnostic checks; the sonar was ready to go.
“Ready?” Lindberg asked.
“Sure,” Richards simply replied as he watched his captain hit the button to start the scan on the ocean floor. They watched the red and green waves on the screen draw a picture of what lay beneath them. After a minute of nothing out of the ordinary turning up Richards completely dismissed the try, “See I told you we’re bad luck. Nothing there boss, just like I said-“
“Wait a minute, come take a look at this,” Lindberg said as he pointed at some strange anomaly appearing right before his eyes. The figure was still being mapped out by the scans, but they could see that it was round in shape and also quite large. Richard’s eyes bolted open as the miracle drew itself right before his eyes.
“What is that thing,” Richards said hardly believing what was happening to him.
“Guys, come see this quick!” Lindberg shouted to rest of the crew as they all ran up to the board to see the miracle at the bottom of the sea.
“Is that a UFO?” Johnson asked.
“I’m not sure. It looks like a giant Frisbee,” another crewmate chimed in.
“Whatever it is, lads. We have landed ourselves a goldmine,” Lindberg said looking around at his crew as giddy as could be.

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