The Trouble With Men

Contributor: April Winters

- -
The first man I adored was a wonderful lover. Tim caressed my face, stared deep into my eyes and told me I was the only one for him. What female doesn’t want to hear that? We had a glorious life together. At least that’s what I thought. I found out how wrong I was the day we took a long trip, and we pulled into a mall. Tim opened my door, as was his custom. I thought he’d stopped to show me a bush covered with beautiful butterflies, but when I went to take a closer look, he slammed the door and sped away.
There I stood, abandoned far from our home with no idea where to find food and shelter. I was devastated.
It felt like ages before Ben ran into me. Literally ran into me. I was crossing the street and wham! Next thing I knew, I was kissing his fender. I ended up sprawled on the pavement sporting a broken leg. Ben freaked out. He started crying and kept saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I’d never seen a man cry before.
Since I wasn’t on death’s door, he drove me to the hospital, once he’d calmed down. On the way there, he commented on how skinny I was, saying he could see my ribs. He wondered aloud how long it had been since I’d had a good meal. Honestly, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had what could be called a meal, good or otherwise.
The doctor fixed me up, but I still don’t know why he put that microchip in my head. He said I was good to go, so Ben and I left.
I suppose it was obvious to Ben that I didn’t have a home. He insisted I stay at his place until I was back on my feet. As soon as we got there, he fixed me a fancy feast, which was absolutely scrumptious, and promised to give me the same every day. Sweet talker! But I’d been burned before.
Eventually my leg healed, and the doctor removed my cast. By that time, Ben had won me over with his attentive, sweet ways. I adored it when he’d pull me into his lap and tell me how much he loved me, massaging my neck and shoulders as he’d croon. My pleasure was evident by my soft sighs.
Wouldn’t you know it? Now that I’ve let my guard down and have given my heart and soul to Ben, I’ve discovered he’s cheating. A few months ago he changed jobs. He’s been chipper since then, saying working at the animal shelter is where he belongs. He keeps talking about a female he calls Daisy. Ben better not introduce me to her, or I may have to scratch her eyes out. He says she’s a calico – not my color, so that’s got to be her fur on his pant leg. The unfaithful bastard!

- - -
April Winters has stories in both the Romance and Flash Fiction sections of Short-Story.Me and two stories at The Short Humour Site.
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