And Justice For All

Contributor: Brian Coyle

- -
The day started as any other day. Frank makes his normal trip through the streets of Boston to his job at the docks. Passers by wave good morning and birds call out from nearby trees and power lines. Shopkeepers flip their signs from closed to open. Drunkards spill out of the local tavern and stumble into the cold, streets still wet from the morning dew. A middle-aged man sits on a stoop listening to a radio news broadcast. Frank can overhear the radio as he walks by.
“It is the dawn of another beautiful day in America. Albert Reilly, our beloved dictator has just announced his newest decree to increase restrictions brought in place by the recent embargo on... Frank walks out of the radio’s range.
Upon arriving at the docks, he notices something strange. The large wrought-iron gate that encloses the dock is closed and locked. He tugs at the lock and curses aloud. “Now Albert takes my job? What more can he take from us?”
Two police officers dressed in thick armor padding approach Frank. “Speaking out against your leader is a federal offense. You are under arrest.”
Frank attempts to explain that it is all just a misunderstanding. The officers laugh.
“What do you think? You think he is telling the truth?” One of the officers ask.
“I think what we have got here is a suspect resisting arrest. You know what we must do.” The two officers beat on Frank who manages to fight them back. Upon realizing that they cannot win, one of the officers equips their sidearm. “Turn around and get on your knees.”
Frank complies with the orders and gets on his knees, the sound of tires screech behind him. Just as he turns around, he sees a modified pickup truck fitted with a mounted machine gun barrel down the street, opening fire on the two police officers.
“We haven’t got much time. You need to come with us.” The driver of the truck shouts.
Without any other option, Frank runs towards the bed of the truck and climbs inside. The truck speeds away from the scene of the crime.

- - -
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