A Refreshing Beverage

Contributor: C.J. Johnson

- -
Darren came home from work, anticipating, as he had all day, a cool, refreshing can of beer. Entering the kitchen, he whistled merrily as he opened the fridge.
There were 8 cans remaining from the 12 pack he'd bought the day earlier; he intended to finish them off tonight.
Scanning the few shelves inside the fridge, he stopped whistling and frowned.
Where the hell have my cans gone?
A note on the sideboard by the front door, left by his wife, informed him she had gone shopping and would be home roughly an hour after him.
So he couldn't ask her.
Where the hell had they gone?
He searched all the cupboards in the kitchen. He searched the large storage cupboard. He even looked in the freezer.
No cans.
He searched through the rooms of their one bedroom flat, one by one
No cans.
Lastly, he entered the bedroom.
He looked behind units and in drawers. He got down on one knee and looked under the bed.
No cans.
Pulling his wardrobe doors open, he sighed with joy and relief as he spotted his precious, and now warm, beer cans at the bottom of the wardrobe.
He carried them into the kitchen, frowning.
"Why'd the hell she put them in there?" he grumbled to himself.
An hour later, his wife arrived home with carrier bags full of shopping. He questioned her about his cans in the wardrobe the moment she entered the front door.
"So you found them okay then?" his wife said.
"I had to search high and low for ages. Why the hell did you put them in there?"
"Spot them easily when you opened the wardrobe doors, did you?"
"Yes," Darren replied haughtily. "I'm not blind."
His wife smiled at him. "Well you just remember that the next time you wake me up at quarter to six in the morning telling me you can't find your shirt for work when it's ironed and hanging right in front of your face."

- - -
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