Contributor: Alina Yudkevich

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“Huh. How ‘bout that,” he said, turning off the weather report. “Grandma dies, and a month later we get Tropical Storm Josephine.”

“That crazy bat would share a name with a natural disaster,” his fiancée said, quickly adding, “Sorry. She hated me.”

A week later, the storm raged on. On the day of their wedding, its status was upgraded to hurricane.

The garden arch blew over and fell neatly around the minister, whose shriek wasn’t heard over the roaring wind. The guests swarmed the gazebos when the torrential downpour started.

Weighed down by her waterlogged gown, the bride plodded slowly behind, sniffling.

The hanging church signs flapped violently, hurling letters and wooden debris in all directions.
A bronze P knocked the bouquet clean out the bride’s hands, and what remained of HOPE sideswiped her seconds later.

“Classic Granny Jo!” yelled the groom. The flower girl howled with laughter.

- - -
Alina Yudkevich is a 17th grader at the University of Georgia, studying English and Film Studies and working part-time at a particle accelerator lab. She enjoys pugs, video editing, running, b-horror, and exploring the unknown via Google street view.
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