Mr. Sawyer's Brain

Contributor: Beth J. Whiting

- -
Mr. Sawyer needed to rest his body so he took his brain out on the front porch. After resting he went to the front porch to get his brain back and he saw that it had disappeared.
He asked the neighbor across the street if she saw anything.
The neighbor was an elderly person like himself. She was rocking in her chair, crocheting.
“I saw some kids who were playing soccer take it with them. They were kicking it around.”
“WHAT?” He yelled.
“Yeah they were kicking it like a ball.”
He was nervous and fidgeting.
“Did you see where they went?”
“They went to play out in the park.”
The park was only a block away. Mr. Sawyer anxiously walked to the park, cursing the boys.
The park was large and green. He saw two boys there. He knew it must have been them so he yelled to the boys.
“Where did you put my brain?”
“Oh that. We got tired of it. It’s by the tree in the shade.”
He walked across the field to the tree in the corner. He found his brain and it was covered with ants.
He wanted to yell at the kids but decided it would be useless. If they were willing to play with someone’s brain, they wouldn’t learn anything from a lecture.
He looked at it. Mr. Sawyer sighed. He would have to take it to the brain doctor tomorrow to get it cleaned and polished

- - -
I was born in 1983. I live in Mesa, AZ. I was born to a family of brainy eccentrics.
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