The Blue Schwinn

Contributor: Victoria Elizabeth Ann

- -
She watched it, luminous in the yellow glow of the street lamp, and wondered would it be there in the morning.

It sat there for days, locked to the rusting u-shaped bar, rooted deep in the cement. The front tire turned slightly to the right. In the middle of the HOA-manicured lawns and pristine porches, the blue Schwinn rested in front of the neighborhood pool.

Perhaps, waterlogged and sun-drunk, its owner forgot he rode his pristine bike that morning and was desperate to return his blue baby to the sanctity of his dark garage.

In the morning, she walked her dogs, and passed the bike for the sixth time since it’s mysterious appearance in front of the white brick wall surrounding the pool.

Would it find its home? Mounted on the back of an SUV, perhaps? Maybe suspended in a garage, or, if very fortunate, tucked safely away in a covered sundeck overlooking a bike trail – a true Nirvana for any two-wheeled conception.

The blue Schwinn observed her in return, reflector pointed down, as she turned the corner and entered her home. Puppy bladders empty and bellies full, well cared for on a tepid Floridian night.

Tomorrow, its owner would return. It just hoped the WD-40 would keep the rust at bay for one more night.

- - -
Victoria Elizabeth Ann is a lifetime student of the arts, literature, and life as a whole. She is currently studying Creative Writing at Full Sail University and aspires to publish a novel in the near future.
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