Love Is Forever, Today

Contributor: LA Sykes

- -
'We've been so good together ain't we? Tonight, as we've been lying here I just know we've made the right choice my darling. Looking back, I swear to the Lord I believe we were made for each other, you know? Made, just to be as one. After all we've shared it could never have been down to pure chance, it just wouldn't make sense. What a ride we've had my love.'
'Hold me tighter beautiful. That's better. I know what you're saying sweet pea, the way I see it, you'll always be a hell of a wild ride.'
'I'm serious mister, stop fooling around in such a serious conversation.'
'Okay, sorry my love. I know what you're saying, I think the same. Too perfect to be pure co-incidence. You know, I still see the first time we met in my dreams. When I ain't drank, sober sleep you know? What a place the old Miner's Arms was, especially that night. Clear as day I see it, at the bar when that prick started poking me in the back about that damn stool. If he'd had lived I'd have had him at our wedding, to thank him like. Guest of honour, speeding up our meeting. I just know we'd have met anyway, crossed paths at some point, gotten together. But the way I see it, it would have been just wasting time, delaying the inevitable. Then he started screaming in my ear, remember? I glanced around trying to clock potential witnesses I might have to worry about and saw you with your friends. You were the only one looking at us hollering who wasn't cowering, watching closely, your beautiful brown eyes almost got me killed. I froze, a second later and I'd have missed his throat completely. Jabbed him in the shoulder or something, lost the knife and been done myself. But it was written that way, love at first sight. You were the only person in that place who didn't look at me like an animal, even when I was covered in blood. You took me home, Jesus, I remember your girlfriends screaming at you as we left, calling me a monster, but you just kept walking with your dainty hand squeezing mine. Then I told you I’d love you till the day I died in that pokey kitchen when you were licking me clean. I love to dream that dream.'
'The beginning of the ride, my love, when we found each other. I always dream about our first. How nervous were we? Oh my, when she slipped her ties and almost escaped? Stop laughing’
‘Ain’t making fun, you know that baby. Just remember your face, looked like it had been struck by lightning as you slashed her across the heels when she was running. So smart. I almost forgot about that. There’s been so many now they all kind of blend in, we’ve definitely had a hell of a run. You’re right, what a hell of a ride. I’m glad you trusted me when I told you I was going to love you till the day I died. I told you I’d love you forever. I want go now, I’m ready my sweet pea.’
‘Any regrets my darling?’
‘Only two. That we didn’t meet sooner and that they are closing in. Let’s go now my baby, let me lead the way so I can wait for you in forever.’
‘Alright, just relax, good, just a nick, done my darling. Oh how I love that neck, bleed for me, that’s it. Keep going my love. That’s it, shhh, it’s alright, go to sleep, go to sleep my love. I hope you can still hear me, I’m looking in the mirror, gleaming in your sanguine my love, our hunger, our hunger. That’s it, drift away and wait for me my darling. Oh if you could see me now my love, glistening for you. Hold out your hands and wait for me, I’ll follow just as soon as you’ve arrived. That’s it, lay still my love, I will be there in a few moments. I just know we were made to be together. In forever.’

- - -
LA Sykes grew up in small town Greater Manchester, England. He studied psychology and criminology at University of Central Lancashire before working in psychiatry. His flash fiction is up at and due to appear in the likes of Shotgun Honey, Powder burn Flash and Blink Ink amongst others. He can be contacted at
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