You are What You Seem

Contributor: Allie Coker-Schwimmer

- -
“Well, Ms. Havenscope you certainly do look good for a woman your age! You look good for a woman half your age. What brings you to my office?”

“Hi, Dr. Peters. Oh, just general upkeep. You can’t have a show vehicle if it starts to rust, can you?”

“Ha, no I suppose you are right. Ok, let’s just go over your history. Excellent breasts by the way.”

“Why thank you, they’re Dr. Masterson’s.”

“Mhm. He’s a real professional. And your lips look quite plump and radiant.”

“Dr. Shanju.”

“Ok, let’s see here….stomach. And a flat one at that!”

“That would be Dr. Rassner, no wait…it was Dr. Rassner the first time….was it Dr. Gene? You might want to check on that one- I’m not all too sure.”

“Ok, I can do that. I’ll just make note of it here. How about…thighs?”

“Oh yes! Dr. Forten. Don’t you just love Dr. Forten? The man is an absolute miracle worker! He’s so wonderful.”

“Dr. Forten is quite the magic worker. So I take it this leaves…”

“Yes, correct.”

“Ok, well let’s get you prepped for the procedure. Soon you’ll be able to say your face is Dr. Peters! As for taking your surgical history down, I’m done with you.”

- - -
Currently, I am obtaining my MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University in Charlotte and live with my husband in Durham, NC. I also wrote a book which is due to be published later this year.
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