The Houses

Contributor: Scott Harmon

- -
It was then and there. We waited, as if perched on a cliff. Our entire existence was on the line. Then we heard it. A sound... To most beings it was barely a hiss of nothing. But to us, it was the most beautiful thing we'd ever heard. Our bodies of cement, brick, wood and shingles began to swirl. Our substance and tangibility started to sift like sand. No longer were we to be chained down to our cement foundations. It was over.
Before all this, we watched day after day as our free floating neighbors went off to explore the world. Always returning some day to spout their adventurous tales. We had grown angry....restless. It was useless to complain. Everyone told us it was impossible. How could a house roam the planet like a bird or a speck of dirt? It was not reasonable. Of course we knew that. As a house, there is nothing else to do than think. Finally we came to a realization that the modern world was too logical. Most of the houses today had been built into a scientific age. We all watched little boys and girls grow up in our bodies. Small children who at a young age were full of fanciful, impossible ideas. Then, as they grew up, the notions slowly get squeezed out of them, like someone wringing out a wet rag. Those whimsical ideas filed away as fiction.
Silently, we challenged these beliefs. We were tired of being put in our place. I think most beings underestimate our intelligence. When our frustration was at its highest, we held a global mind communion. We decided that if we could create a psychokinetic signal with enough force to travel to the other side of the galaxy, perhaps we could reach a civilization not based on science. Someone with the power to set us free.
And thus the story is told. As I said before, our man made structures began to swirl. The wind rushes through and around my body, scattering it like dust. The tiny sound that emanated from across the cosmos set us free. We're leaving now, our first destination will be that spot in the galaxy to thank our liberators. We feel no remorse about leaving our inhabitants behind. We are free, and nothing will stop us now. I feel so happy. The future is bright. Farewell Earth, at least for now. Signed,

       The Houses

- - -
I'm 31 and I have been actively writing since 2005. I started out doing micro fiction(although not realizing it until later) and poetry. I progressed into longer short stories. I spend most of my time writing screenplays or comic books. I have a feature length written and other shorts, but right now I am outside of the actual business.
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