Contributor: Eric White

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Michael was sitting on the living room floor propped against his over-sized stuffed dog, Floppy. It was Saturday morning so he was able to watch cartoons if he twisted the antennae just right. The bowl of stale fruit-loops sat undisturbed next to him when there was a loud knock on the front door of the trailer.
Michael knew better than to answer the door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. The visitor wasn’t going away.
Michael tiptoed to his father’s room. His dad was passed out on the floor with the belt still around his forearm.
Michael knew that it would be futile to attempt to wake his father. So he went back to the living room floor with Floppy and his stale fruit-loops. Just when he thought the visitors were gone there was a violent crash at the door, and all of a sudden three men stood in the door way. Two of them barged in and began tossing their stuff out the door, while the third man went into Michael’s father’s room yelling about the rent. They didn’t so much as glance at Michael.
Michael never made a sound. He clung to Floppy, and he watched the men throw away the little bit he and his father had. Eventually the men made their way over to Michael. One grabbed Floppy right out of Michael’s arms and tossed the dog outside into the mud. Michael ran to follow. He picked Floppy out of the mud in time to see his father’s unconscious body hurled from the doorway as well.
There was nothing to do, but watch with tears of confusion running down his face. Eventually, an ambulance came and took his dad away. During that time a woman in a nice pants suit appeared. She told Michael that she would make things better for him, and that she was going to make sure he was taken care of for now on.
The woman smelled like flowers, and Michael liked her right away. She took him by the hand and led him to the back seat of her car. After she took her place in the driver’s seat Michael had a terrible realization and began to cry at the top of his lungs.
The woman turned around and softly said, “I know you’ll miss your daddy, Michael, but this is the best thing for you. I promise.”
“No, it’s not that,” said Michael. “ I don’t care about him, but I left Floppy in the yard. Please, let me keep him. Please, please!”
The woman smiled warmly at Michael, then she went back for Floppy. She brushed some dirt off of him, and she secured the stuffed dog next to Michael in the backseat. They left the sad and empty trailer, and Michael never looked back.

- - -
I am a current student at Full Sail University. My long term goal is to write for entertainment.
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