Contributor: Amanda Rae

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They laughed and reached across the beds to touch fingers. Noah smiled warmly at Robbie which sent him into a fit of giggles. "Can you believe that couples use to sleep in different beds?" asked Noah.
"No, I can't. It's super weird. My father told me that his grandparent's grandparents slept in different rooms. I couldn't imagine not waking up to you every morning." said Robbie. They both swung their legs over the side of the bed and met in the middle for a kiss. They had traveled a long way to stay at an old hotel that had recently been restored. It was very costly but with Robbie and Noah inviting another couple along Robbie could cover their half of the cost. The other couple was outside sitting at a patio table and chatting happily.
"I am glad that we came here, however. I had to sell my soul to get us the room but I think it is worth it." said Noah.
"Babe, I appreciate the thought...and the needed vacation but I don't get your infatuation with history and a past that didn't accept our love or us as people. I would be glad if it was all gone, honestly." Robbie regretted saying this as soon as it came out. They stared at each other in silence for many moments.
"Robbie, without the mistakes of the past how could we have ever learned any better?" asked Noah. Robbie pushed himself away from his boyfriend and pondered the thought for a few moments.
"Well Noah, if you must ask I think we would be better off. When we have children of our own they won't ever have to know any differently. They won't know that anybody ever hated anyone and the next generation will grow up without hate clouding their judgment of people. They will judge people off of their personality and not the color of their skin or who they love." Noah grabbed Robbie's hand and kissed it softly. Noah wanted to explain to Robbie the importance of the past but had a hard time getting the right words out. His boyfriend was sensitive about his sexuality even though nobody had ever changed it or saw any weirdness in it. He had only saw it in old books. Instead of calling Robbie out on it Noah crossed the room and touched an old dresser.
"Do you want to know why this dresser is so profoundly beautiful?" His fingers caressed the dresser lightly and her turned back to look at Robbie. Robbie propped himself up with one arm and sighed.
"Why is the dresser so beautiful?"
"The dresser is so beautiful because is was once a beautiful tree. The beautiful tree was cut down and maybe that makes you feel angry. How could anyone cut down something so beautiful? It sucks but the tree's life does not end there. Someone else takes the remains of the tree and builds it into something even more beautiful and useful. The craftsmen sands down and makes smooth the remains of the tree and stains it and covers it with a thick coat of lacquer to protect it. The dresser is taken by someone who needs and will use it for what it's intended for." Robbie shakes his head and crosses the room with a smile on his face. He wraps his hands around his boyfriend.
" I see what you are saying, my love. I wouldn't want to be cut down and turned into a dresser but I guess without people getting cut down we could have never been built back up and have been made stronger. Maybe we wouldn't have this new world of equality and freedom without war and heartache. I'm just saying that when we have kids of our own can we just hold off on the 'tree' talk?"
"Oh, come on! I pulled that one out of nowhere! You didn't even see it coming!"
"Agree to disagree?"
"I love you."
"I love you, too."

- - -
I am a student at Full Sail University trying to better my writing. I'm kind of ridiculous.
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